2017 was an enormous year for Parker Hannifin. In February, they finalised their largest acquisition to date: the purchase of leading filtration manufacturer, CLARCOR, for an impressive sum of 4.3 billion USD.

This year, Parker held their annual filtration product review in Melbourne. I had the chance to attend the event and speak with Aziz Rehman — the Regional Sales Manager for the newly-acquired Peco brand within Australia.

We spoke about how the acquisition will help strengthen Parker’s filtration product range, and what the merger means for the development of the Australian oil and gas industry.

In our interview, he highlighted the extensive range of specialist filtration products that CLARCOR brings to the table, including:

  • Engine/Mobile filtration: their range of fuel, transmission, air and hydraulic fluid filters, and dust collection cartridges.
  • Industrial/Environmental filtration: for various industrial and pharmaceutical applications, with a specific focus on general electric air turbines.
  • Process filtration: specialist filtration systems for the oil and gas industry.

What does this mean for Australian Oil and Gas?

What I was keen to understand from Aziz was: how will the takeover affect the Australian oil and gas industry specifically?

And the answer was terrific.

With the support of CLARCOR’s comprehensive catalogue of filtration products and technologies, Parker are now able to supply the largest range of filtration products dedicated to the Australian oil and gas industry. They will now supply everything from market leading gas generators to the entire range of process filters used throughout each stage of production, including: 

  • Upstream production: for exploratory operations and drilling.
  • Midstream production: for any filtration requirements within pipelines.
  • Downstream production: for the removal of impurities during refining stages.

How you can leverage the new Peco range to optimise your filtration system

Parker’s new range of process specific filtration products will be sold under Peco, an engineering filtration company acquired by CLARCOR in 2007. 

Aziz echoed our desire to get involved with oil and gas operators right from the design phase. Collaborating at this stage in the process results in maximum design and filtration efficiency, reductions in overall cost to operators, and guarantees the most effective application of Parker’s exciting new range of filters.

If you have an existing oil and gas operation that needs optimising, and you’d like to find out more about Parker’s new Peco range of process filters, then the team at VFV are well equipped to assist you. VFV is a Parker Specialist Distribution Partner servicing the oil and gas industry throughout Australia, and can assist with product selection, integration, maintenance, and overall system design.

Contact us today on +61 3 9873 1400 to talk about how we can help you integrate the new Peco products within your project. Or if you would like to order a sample filter, contact us here