“Now you can transfer large volumes of media in a very sterile way.”
Todd Andrews, Global Sales and Business Development at CPC

Get 3x the flow rate in your high purity systems

During the Interphex conference, we had the opportunity to meet with Todd Andrews, the BioProcessing Business Development Manager for CPC.

Todd told us about CPC’s latest bioprocessing product innovation: the AQL series. The AQL is a 1” genderless aseptic connector designed for high volume applications and based on the proven technology use in the highly popular AseptiQuik G range.

In the product demo above, you can see how the new AQL connector works, including:

  • How CPC formulated the product to meet market demands for a connector that works with bigger volumes
  • A demo of the versatile, easy-to-use genderless connector
  • How it’s been proven to work for liquid volumes up to 2000L
  • How it can give you a 3x increase in throughput when compared to a ½” ID connection and minimise transfer times by up to a third.

To discover some more insights that we learned at Intephex 2018, check out the event wrap-up here.

See the benefits of single-use systems

Single-use systems bring numerous advantages to your processes when compared to stainless steel systems. Because all of the critical components within a process are only used once, they are comparatively quick to validate, and provide the option of manufacturing multiple products in a single facility. This provides a level of flexibility to your manufacturing facility which was previously impossible to obtain.

All of this means that single-use systems increase the production potential of your facility and minimise downtime.

So, if you’re looking to find out more about the CPC range of bioprocessing solutions and how they can be adapted and / or integrated to your application, then the team at VFV are well qualified to support your business from validation and single-use system design to ongoing supply.

Contact us today to talk about how we can rapidly design and incorporate single-use systems into your manufacturing process. Or if you’ve already made the switch, let us know how we can support you to help streamline your processes even further. Give me a call today on +61 3 9873 1400.