Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)
An HPU is a critical element of the topside control system for FPSOs (Floating Production Storage and Offloading), drilling
platforms and workover platforms. The HPU can be a stand-alone unit or integrated into the wellhead control panel on
production platforms and FPSOs. Whether the operator is drilling or the well is producing oil and gas, the HPU is supplying the
pressure to remotely control the safety devices and valves that control the well.
HPUs typically utilize electric or diesel engines to power the hydraulic pumps that supply pressure to the wellheads, BOPs and
subsurface safety valves. The hydraulic pressure from the HPU is communicated through a regulator to an umbilical which
connects the HPU to the subsea equipment.

Loss of operational efficiency in offshore Hydraulic Power Units due to extended umbilical pressurization time, complex startup procedures and premature regulator failures are major concerns for offshore oil and gas companies around the world.

In addition to loss of operational efficiency, oil and gas companies identify the maintenance costs associated with regulator failures during start up of production HPUs or BOP/IWOC operations as exorbitant. These issues have only intensified as oil and gas companies push to deeper water and utilize longer subsea tiebacks.

TESCOM Solution

  • TESCOM’s offering includes products that can reduce umbilical pressurization time, simplify startup procedures and reduce maintenance costs by significantly extending the life of the regulator.
  • TESCOM regulators are specifically designed for extended life operation in high-pressure waterbased and hydraulic fluid applications and hazardous environments. Hardened stainless steel seat and stem provide excellent wear resistance in harsh applications. Its robust design provides high reliability and extended service life to reduce downtime and maintenance costs.
  • TESCOM offers automated set point control by connecting the regulator to the HPU control system with the ER5000. This system provides accurate and repeatable control that can not be matched with standard manual control.

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