DV Valve

Congratulations to Clippard on the release of their new DV Valve Series! The new product is an extension of the original EV Valve Series that has been so popular and successful for Clippard. With a new design allowing for higher flows this 2-way control valve offers endless application options, while maintaning Clippard's commitment to quality.

Check out the videos below for more information on Clippard's new DV Valve.

This product is now available at VFV Pty Ltd, so call +61 3 9873 1400 or email sales@vfv.com.au to get a quote today!!

Introducing Clippard's New DV Valve

DV Valve Product Launch Video

Thankfully Clippard's Products are better than their humour.

Engineering Clippard's New DV Valve